Urban League’s Economic Inclusion

Economic Inclusion is encouraging the maximum practical participation of minority, female and local business enterprises in all aspects of an economic development project.  This includes contracting, supplier procurement and the procurement of professional services.  The League’s Inclusion initiatives work to create jobs, opportunities and capacity in minority individuals and businesses in the greater New Orleans region. Our efforts are aimed at growing minority-owned businesses (MBEs) in the region and increasing access to contracting opportunities.  Success means that minorities will more fully participate in the benefits of economic development in the region.

Benefits of Economic Inclusion

Urban redevelopment activities need to be viewed collectively and synergistically at the macro level; its traditional view.  Through this view, benefits of an Economic Inclusion Program can be maximized:

  • community development can be spurred
  • residual benefits developed
  • long-term development occur
  • small and minority businesses could benefit
  • a range of jobs created
  • social services enhanced
  • public safety improved


Economic Inclusion Services Snapshot

  • ULGNO can provide a Database of qualified M/WBE businesses.
  • ULGNO can conduct outreach campaigns to keep the M/WBE business communities abreast of upcoming bid opportunities.
  • ULGNO can assist M/WBE business development by offering capacity building and bonding workshops.
  • ULGNO can review bid proposals to determine the responsiveness of bidders to the Project Inclusion Plan.
  • ULGNO can provide customized reports and analysis on the success of the Economic Inclusion Program.
  • At the project’s completion ULGNO can help you quantitatively exhibit the overall positive economic impact that your project has had on the community.

ULGNO provides an unduplicated value-added service to developers, project owners and municipalities that are reflected in the bottom line and the far-reaching community economic impact.  As a non-partisan non-profit with a history of fighting for civil and economic rights ULGNO’s Inclusion Strategy strives to benefit all stakeholders equally.

ULGNO Inclusion Practice

ULGNO also strives to be a civic model for the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that advance productivity, innovation, and economic growth.  Our commitment to this goal is evident in our leadership polices, employment practices, purchasing priorities, business partners and community investments.